We started collecting pre-orders for universal watches FYT-1.0!

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Basic principles

We want our ideas and designs to be accessible worldwide, so our products can improve the quality of life of as many visually impaired people as possible. For this reason we prioritize minimizing the cost of our production. We want to attract attention of the whole society and professionals who develop new technologies to the issues and challenges of visually impaired people. Because of that we use croudsourcing platforms to fund and promote our designs. Anybody can join our community and to help us reach the set goals in making the world a better place for visually impaired people.

An ultrasound cane top can be mounted on a normal cane for visually impaired people to warn them about obstacles located on a higher level then is accessible for the cane, e.g. tall cars, fences, gates, or barriers.
This device is an audiobook player for visually impaired people that works with mp3 and DAISY formats (the latter is an audiobook format designed specifically for blind people; in Russia, the LKF format is used)
This library of sounds helps to teach the children to identify the sounds of their surroundings. It contains the sounds for teachning children to orient themselves indoors and outdoors. These sounds are also suitable for Natural Sciences classes to introduce visually impaired children to the surrounding environment